Advanced six week course


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For the clay experts among us!

The Artisan Avenue advanced course will give you the technical skills to develop a full dinner set. You'll leave this course with a dinner set comprising of at least 13 items and key pottery skills based on slab building methods to perfect your pots. 

This course runs for six weeks with classes on Thursday evenings from 6pm-9pm with an upfront payment for the total course.


Week One
This week you'll prepare your clay and learn how to perfect your cutting technique to create four dinner plates. You'll work on the design for your plates using different textures and slips. Jude recommends coming up with a slightly uniform design you can use across all of your pieces.

Week Two
You'll create your smaller plates and use foam and a wooden mould to create your desired shape. You'll then work through textures, decorations and design for your dinner set. It's all about attention to detail this week! You'll add feet to your bigger plates and any additional carving you want to do and perfect the edges by smoothing off the rims.

Week Three
Now your smaller plates are ready to add their feet to. You'll work on creating your bowls using texture and decorations on each bowl.

Week Four
It's time to add feet to the bowls you created last week. This week your main focus is creating your large serving dish and adding texture and decorations to tie it in with your other designs.

Week Five
You guessed it, time to add feet to your serving dish. This week you're preparing all of your items for firing. You'll work on sanding down each of your item in preparation for each to be bisque fired (*Please bring a mask). If time permits, we can look at how to load a bisque kiln for firing. 

Week Six
It's the last class! You'll spend this class glazing each item and waxing the bottom of each ready for their final turn in the kiln, they will be ready to be picked up in around three weeks. So book in your dinner party and get ready to christen your wonderful creations!

What you'll take home: 

  • 4 dinner plates 
  • 4 entrée plates 
  • 4 bowls 
  • 1 serving dish 

Book pottery class

Class notes 

  • Bring your imagination and a huge sense of playfulness!
  • Wear old clothes and even bring an apron, you will get wonderfully messy (just like you used to when making mud pies as a child)! 
  • Come fully caffeinated or Fonzie Abbot is directly across the road
  • Tea, coffee and light snacks provided 
  • BYO is accepted for any of our evening classes
  • Tie long hair back to avoid getting clay in your hair 
  • Remove jewellery as you'll be working with your hands... and clay!
  • Must wear closed toe, comfortable shoes
  • Your pieces will be dishwasher, microwave, ovenproof and food safe
  • For safety: you must be 15 years or over to attend any of our classes
  • BYO masks for certain classes (see course notes)

To your first class, please bring along with you:
1. A plastic ice-cream sized container with a fitted lid to store your clay scraps.

2. A jam jar sized plastic container with a screw top to store your glue slip.

3. An old towel and maybe a 30 x 30cm board or surface if you wish to take home and complete your creation. By doing this you will get a fantastic insight into how your clay project dries.