Brisbane Wheel & Kiln Hire

Artisan Avenue offers hiring services as well as classes. If you've been working on your own pottery pieces, visit our studio to hire our kilns or our wheel.

To make any hiring bookings, please call us directly on 0419 773 589.

Brisbane Kiln Hire

Artisan Avenue is home to two kilns, and offers in-house kiln firing services. We will personally fire your items and speak with you to ensure you are getting what you want from your kiln firing. With over forty years experience, your creations are in safe hands with Jude

The largest shelf in the kiln has the capacity to fire 500mm x 500mm pot bases (height of 200mm). 

Brisbane Bisque Firing

This is an essential step in the pot making process and the most popular kind of firing. Kiln heat to Cone 04 (1020 degrees celsius). Max height of pots = 30cm.

$12.00 for 1kg of clay to bisque


Brisbane Cone 6 firing

We offer Cone 6 firing, allowing your creations to be fired up to 1220 degrees celsius. This is a more intermediate form of firing, allowing your pots to become vitrified and waterproof. 

Your glaze MUST have been tested prior to using the kiln, on more than 1 pot and on your clay body. The clay body must be suitable for Cone 6 temperatures. If you wish to test in our kilns, all pieces MUST have paddies, 2cm wider than the piece you are testing.

Bottoms of pots must be waxed and clean to 1cm from kiln shelf and your name or ID stamp must be on each item to be fired. 

  • Normal cooling conditions
  • Electric non-reduction kiln.

Large Kiln

  • 20cm max height of pot
  • Largest shelf = 50cm x 50cm

Small Kiln - Hexagonal

  • 30cm max height of pot
  • 30cm - diameter

$12.00 per kg of clay to glaze Cone 6

Artisan Avenue cannot take responsibility for loss or damage and reserves the right to refuse any items which we feel could cause a problematic firing - we want the best outcome for you and the kiln. Terms will be discussed further over the phone before booking.

Brisbane Pottery Wheel Hire

If you have experience using a pottery wheel, you can use the wheel in the Artisan Avenue Studio, three hours for $50, additional hours can be added on for $15 an hour. It is a condition of the hire that all equipment must be left clean and tidy.

If you would like to leave pieces batts to firm up, these must be attended to the following day and removed. Bring your own tools or we have a selection of six for you to choose from.

Brisbane Clay Supplies

We have clay for sale at competitive prices, call directly for the price list.
Got questions? Contact us for more information on any of our pottery hiring services.

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