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Artisan Avenue is a pottery and ceramic studio located in Albion, Brisbane. Studio owner Jude has been honing her craft in pottery for over four decades and has taught extensively. The studio has a relaxed, casual and welcoming vibe and features a resident chicken, named Jacquie O.

The studio has its own kiln, a potters wheel where you can practice wheel throwing, and a set up for classes up to 20 people.

Artisan Avenue offers pottery classes where you can make your own handmade ceramics, no matter your skill level. It’s not just classes! 

Come visit us for school holiday activities, team building or birthday parties and hen’s nights with pottery painting. You can even a couples pottery date night to do your own ‘Ghost’-style pottery wheel scene. Or, use us to kick-start your new hobby or a creative outlet with us as your home pottery studio.

Learn the basics, advance your skills or be the new home for experienced potters, it’s all available at Artisan Avenue. With the range of choice we have in our classes and workshops, you’ll find the right one for you. We offer six-week courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced potters. We also offer kiln hire, wheel hire, firing and glazing services and materials. 

Jude Jeha

Jude Jeha

Jude has been working with pottery since the 80's as well as working in a range of other creative avenues. Jude has had her pottery pieces shown in numerous exhibitions, has had pieces purchased by Government bodies and has taught extensively across Queensland, holding the role of President at some Pottery Clubs, including Capricornia.

Born to renowned artist Peggy Westmoreland, who focused on fine art and sculpture, Jude is passionate about pottery. Her studio is filled with her own pieces as she perfects her craft daily. One of Jude's most notable experiences is having to build a kiln around the body of a large piece to enable the firing to stoneware... she believes that nothing is impossible and we are only limited by our imaginations as to what we can create!

Aside from pottery, Jude enjoys working with copper electroforming and glass slumping. Jude is passionate about recycling and in her own work, uses recycled glass bottles to create her unique glazing effects.

  • Can experienced potters attend the studio without classes?

    Absolutely. We welcome you to make use of our space. We highly recommend contacting Jude to discuss your options.

  • I’m not that creative, can I do this pottery course in Brisbane?

    Yes! Jude is here to guide you through, with expert tips, advice and support. You may need a hand building your masterpiece, but you'll be proud of what you create.

  • Do you sell handmade ceramics?

    We do. Jude has a range of items on display and for sale in the studio. Come in for a course to browse, or contact us to see what time is best to pop by and have a look.

  • How do you get specific coloured glazes?

    Glazes are coloured through various scientific makeups, such as oxodisation and alkalines. It’s very advanced and involved, it’s taken Jude decades to hone in on this skill. Ask Jude during a course for advice and help!

  • Can I make a mug?

    Yes of course! Currently this is a part of the Beginners and Intermediate courses as it required more time than a three hour class to create.

    Workshops for mugs are planned for the future, so keep an eye on our website and socials!

  • What sort of clay is used at Artisan Avenue?

    We use Walkers White Stoneware. This clay is used specifically as there’s very little air bubbles, its well prepared and has a small amount of grog in it.

  • Can I use terracotta clay?

    Artisan Avenue doesn't use terracotta clay as it tends to colour the white clay we use.

  • Does Artisan Avenue glaze other peoples pots?

    At this time we do not offer this service. Please contact us to have a chat to see if we can assist.

  • Do you have daytime classes during the week?

    Not currently, but please contact us to have a chat about what you are looking for to see if we can assist.

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