Collection: Group classes

Group Private Classes
If there is an area in clay slab building that you would like to do some further training in, but don't particularly want to do a one-on-one class, you only need to rally together a minimum of 4 people (we can take up to 8 in a class), for us to put on a day class. It could be on any of the below topics, or anything else your imagination can think of. The only condition is that everyone in the group creates the same structure/item, which of course you'll each put your own personality into it with glazes, textures and decoration:

Teapots | Berry bowls | Yarn bowls | Fluting | Making moulds | Slip casting | Primitive pots | Mono-printing | Using stencils

Artisan Avenue can also custom-create classes designed to match your specific area of interest. to learn more in a particular area that others may also be; let me know and we can work together to try to make that happen!

One-on-One Private Classes

Artisan Avenue offers one-on-one and bespoke classes. We can work with you on whatever skills you wish to expand or specific items you'd like to craft. Contact us directly to enquire about what technique you'd like to focus on.